Seeing a fault code you don’t recognise on your Ideal boiler can be a worrying prospect. Heat Tech Innovations have listed all fault codes for all Ideal boilers so we can provide you with the right advise and help to save you money.

What does L5 mean?

This can occur if your boiler has been reset the boiler 5 times in 15 minutes. To solve the issue turn off the boiler’s power at the fuse spur, then turn it back on again.

No display?

If you have no display on your circuit board then turning off the power in your fuse box and turning it back on again should resolve the issue.

What does F3 mean?

F3 is an issue regarding the boiler fan, a potential loose or damaged fan could be related to problems within connections, air pressure or water damage. This error will need to be resolved by a gas safe engineer.

What does F1 mean?

Your boiler doesn’t have enough water and the pressure level is to low. It is usually possible for you to fix this issue yourself by topping up your boiler’s water pressure to 1.5.

What does L2 mean?

An L2 error code means your boiler has ‘locked out’ as a safety precaution. The cause behind this will need to be identified by a gas safe engineer.

What does F2 mean?

F2 error codes usually means that there has been a flame loss during operation. This issue is received by the circuit board and could be caused by deeper system errors such as incorrect gas pressure, an issue with your flue, a faulty gas valve, an incorrect adjustment of a valve or a fan fault.

As a potential solution check all gas appliances and you could try to reset your boiler. This fault typically occurs with older Ideal boilers so we would potentially recommend a new heating system.

Call The Professionals

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