If you wish to lower your heating bills in Plymouth, it’s best to have an up-to-date boiler at your home or business.

Ancient G-rated boilers guzzle up those pennies in comparison to newer models. In fact, any boiler that’s over 10 years old is likely to waste a lot of energy. This is because they convert as little as 60% of the fuel into heat which significantly raises your heating bills and is bad for your carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, newer A-rated boilers can improve efficiency by over 90% compared to G-rated models. Updating your boiler will also minimise the risk of breakdowns.

If you need central heating installation in Plymouth, give Heat Tech Innovations a ring this summer.

Our team can help find the most suitable boiler for your property and all boilers are installed by a Gas Safe Approved engineer for extra peace of mind. As an accredited installer of many leading brands, you’ll also enjoy a 12-year warranty and great features like smart controls.

We offer a wide range of central heating and plumbing solutions in Plymouth. Our boilers include those which use natural gas, LPG, solid fuel and renewable energies. We also offer underfloor heating, solid fuel stoves, wood burners and wet room installations.

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